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We provide compression molding

According to the material properties of plastic and rubber. The method of compression molding is relatively simple, low in cost, and fast in cycle. Suitable for most silicone rubber products.

silicone compression molding tool

Featured product manufacturing

Electronic Accessories

Including: remote control button, mobile phone case, silicone bracelet, strap, mosquito lamp, etc. The product has good performance by using silicone material suitable for human skin.

Silicone mat

Including: baking mats, coasters, place mats, insulation pads, etc. Made of heat-resistant silicone material for long life.

Children's products

Including: pacifier, bib, bottle, braces, teether, anti-collision angle. The use of higher security level material. Non-toxic and harmless.

Silicone kitchenware

Includes: cake molds, dish washing gloves, silicone plates, folding cups, funnels. All kinds of food molds, food safety level guarantee.

Silicone tube kit

Includes: hard, soft, stretched, transparent fittings. Extrusion or injection molding processes are generally employed.

Silicone sealing ring

Including: waterproof, leakproof, cushioning, and security protection. A calendering or molding process is usually employed. Accurate tolerance and good performance.

How we produce it?


High precision mold

Advanced high-precision mold processing equipment, mold processing technology is superb. We have 20 years of experience in mold development. The mold is made of good 718 and P20 steel. The manufactured products have basically no mold line, beautiful appearance and high quality.

Selected imported silicone materials

The silicone materials we choose meet the international quality system certification. The silicone product has strong toughness, surface gloss and long service life. Good materials can make good products.

Rubber Mixing Control

Workers have an average working age of more than 5 years and are familiar with the production process. We match your products with the best blending formula to make your silicone products even better.

Professional production

There are 6 molding machines in our workshop, and the largest machine is 300 tons. We have two processing lines that specialize in picking products, repairing flash, and packaging.
Rubber Mixing Control

Quality Control

Professional quality inspection team, strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system. The product is screened twice in the final stage to ensure that the product delivered to the customer has no defective products.

Our Service Features

We offer premium additional services to enhance your silicone product offering. Meet your needs for custom silicone rubber products.

Product surface treatment.

Product design and custom packaging.