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CNC Turning

Precision shaft machining

Our CNC machining services provide processing of plastic and metal parts. You can get a custom prototype in 1 day. We use 5-axis CNC lathes to machine axial and radial holes, planes, grooves,thread and more.

We accept production orders in small quantities. From simple to highly complex parts, we are happy to take on challenges. Two CNC processes: milling and turning, which can process a range of plastic and metal parts. The workshop operates 7*24 hours and can get more than 200 parts in one day.

We have prepared a variety of materials for part processing. Stainless steel, low carbon steel, brass, plastic, etc. are available.So if you have a need, feel free to contact us. Whether it is prototype or batch processing. You can get a quote within a few hours.

If you have some questions, we offer a free consultation.