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Let us be your mold factory in China

We have a professional team of designers and production workshops.


Reasonable design process

  • Feasibility design assessment
  • Assembly design evaluation
  • Mold design
  • Mold flow analysis

Craft Details

A combination of multiple devices to make the project work better. Speed up the manufacturing process of the mold.

Standardized manufacturing, making molds better.





Craft Features


Mold surface treatment

The surface treatment specifications of the mold can be manufactured according to various requirements, from the special design lines such as general sun pattern, laser engraving hairline pattern, laser engraving special grain pattern, water drop pattern, water wave pattern, etc.


Die Cutting Process

High-speed precision cutting (30000rpm), which can achieve approximate mechanical polishing, keeping the precision and smoothness of the geometry undistorted.


Mold EDM processing

Precision mirror discharge, in response to a variety of complex geometric requirements, the electrode can be directly produced with high precision, the surface to achieve mirror surface, all kinds of patterns, fully integrated with the design requirements and precision requirements of the size.


Wire Cutting Process

The high-precision wire-cutting process allows many of the original complex-finished corners to be seamlessly stitched through high-precision wire-cutting, omitting cumbersome and time-consuming discharge clearing.

Strict quality management

Our quality department has four 3D testers for testing all parts of the mold. Let them all meet the design requirements.

We focus on quality and insist on giving back to customers with high quality products.

Mold inspection

Mold Design 1

Mold Design 2

Mold Design 3

Mold Design 4

Designer online

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