High Precision Plastic Molds,Plastic&Aluminum Extrusion Parts

//How to make high precision plastic molds and Aluminum extrusion molds?

High Precision Plastic Molds,Plastic&Aluminum Extrusion Parts

High Precision Plastic Molds,Plastic&Aluminum Extrusion Parts

Last week, a Swedish customer visited our factory and gave guide to the products assembly. This is a large project both for each side. The product is used for the outdoor light. The plastic parts and aluminium tubes which are anodized and second drilling need to be assembled together by screw.

We made 8 sets of Aluminum extrusion molds and 5 sets of high precision plastic molds to do Plastic and Aluminum Extrusion Parts production, to ensure smooth during stretching. Actually, the High Precision Plastic Molds,Plastic and Aluminum Extrusion Parts tolerance are not easy to control during the mold making and production.

Finally,we figured out a good way to control tolerances and warping.

1: Ensure that all plastic raw materials and aluminium ingots are the same batch and brand.

2: Ensure that each mold testing and production use the same machine.

3: Ensure that machine parameter settings are consistent. such as temperature, pressure, speed, pressure-holding, pressure-holding time and other parameters.

4: After all the same, according to testing result of our products, then modified the mold. Finally, get the high quality product.

manufacture mold strictly

High Precision Plastic Molds,Plastic and Aluminum Extrusion Parts

Customer’s time is very valuable, it’s our responsibility to provide a complete solution for customers. The Swedish customer was very satisfied with the molds and our services, he said he will have a project on motorcycle, and will contact us soon.If we do not control every step of mold manufacture strictly, can customer be satisfied or cooperate with us again?

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