Reflections on factory management from a mold manager

//Reflections on factory management from a mold manager

I have been working for plastic molding making many years. Today I want to share you my factory management, which may be useful for u.

This article show the analysis of three major aspects, which are quality, delivery, and cost during mold manufacturing process.

  1. Quality control about plastic molding making

I mainly emphasize the role of supervisors, take design supervisor as an example.

Whichever mold you design, the supervisor must do as the followings:

  • Checking DFM and customer review reply.
  • Leading the new model review meeting, processing, assembly, injection molding participation.
  • Design a plan, the competent audit consent.
  1. Delivery control about plastic molding making

This process mainly focus on two points.

  • Mold scheduling fitter dominant, with the reminder of supervisor
  • Supervisor dominant, with all departments subject to the operation
  1. Cost control about plastic molding making

I will share three aspects with you about this process.

  • Concept of quality perception
  • Error and quality failure
  • Processing technology and efficiency

My conclusion is:

  1. Key management nodes to clearly manage the responsibility of people, inculding enhance and improve.
  2. Middle management needs to have cost concept, professional ability, sense of responsibility.
  3. The middle management has the details of the management plan, can be visualized
  4. Executives need to communicate regularly and in the tube to understand the management situation.
  5. Executives continue to improve management.