This review of plastic resins is an article in our series on how to make a quality plastic injection molded part. It will focus on the basic characteristics of polymers with some examples of popular resins and their applications.

To select the best resin for your manufacturing project, answering the questions  below will help guide you to the right material.

First, what is the intended end use of the part?

–         Does the part need to be rigid or flexible?

–         Does the part need to withstand pressure or weight?

–         Will the parts need to withstand certain temperature variations?

–         Will the parts be exposed to other elements or chemicals?

Second, are there special appearance considerations?

–         Is a specific finish required?

–         Does a color need to be matched?

–         Is embossing a consideration?

Third, what, if any, regulatory requirements apply?

–         Will the product be exported and need to meet REACH standards?

–         Does the part need to be food safe?

–         Will children use the product?

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