What can we supply?

//What can we supply?

Our unique system, proprietary technology platform and a team of expert engineers and mold makers allow us to turn your 3D CAD model into a fully functional prototype or production part using real engineered grade resins, more consistently and affordable than any other rapid injection molding company.

It starts with our auto parts mold system. We have developed software to significantly increase the speed of the mold building process. We can reduce a typical mold build time of 6-12 weeks to just a few days.

Once the mold is created in a matter of days, it goes through our Proprietary Process Engine; the driving force behind our injection molding process. It carefully analyzes and guides our technicians to ensure optimal conditions to help create your consistent custom molded plastic parts.

Our Process

Our company is mold maker. Start your project off right with the experience and capabilities here at Xcentric. Simplifying the injection molding allows us to provide you with the lowest possible pricing to bring your products to market faster than you ever thought possible.