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26 11, 2016

7 Causes and treatment of defects in die heat treatment(2)


When mold manufacturing, you may know some about die heat treatment as followings: Fourth, decarbonization Decarbonization is result of that the steel in the heating or insulation, due to the role of the surrounding atmosphere, the part of the surface layer of carbon all or part of the loss of the phenomenon and reaction. Decarburization of steel will not only result in insufficient hardness, quenching crack and heat treatment deformation and chemical heat treatment defects, but also on fatigue strength, wear resistance and mold performance also has a great impact. Fifth, the electrical discharge caused by the crack In the mold manufacturing, the use of EDM (electric pulse and wire cutting) is more and more commonly used in processing methods, while with the extensive application of EDM, the defects caused by a corresponding is increasing. Since the electric discharge machining is a processing method of [...]

22 11, 2016

7 Causes and treatment of defects in die heat treatment


For die casting mold making, there are 7 Causes and treatment of defects in die heat treatment. First, quench crack   Shape effect. Mainly caused by design factors, such as the fillet R is too small, improper hole location, cross-section of the transition is not good.   Overheating (over-burning). Mainly by the temperature control are not allowed or running temperature, process temperature is too high, uneven temperature factors, preventive measures include: overhaul, proofreading temperature control system, modify the process temperature, in the workpiece and the furnace floor plus horn. Decarburization. Mainly by the overheating (or over-burning), the air furnace without protection heating, machine plus margin is small, forging or heat treatment residual decarburization layer and other factors, preventive measures are: controlled atmosphere heating, salt bath heating, vacuum furnace, Type furnace using packing protection or the use of die casting mold making; machining allowance increased 2-3mm.   Improper [...]

16 11, 2016

How to choose the best resin material for your plastic part?


This review of plastic resins is an article in our series on how to make a quality plastic injection molded part. It will focus on the basic characteristics of polymers with some examples of popular resins and their applications. To select the best resin for your manufacturing project, answering the questions  below will help guide you to the right material. First, what is the intended end use of the part? -         Does the part need to be rigid or flexible? -         Does the part need to withstand pressure or weight? -         Will the parts need to withstand certain temperature variations? -         Will the parts be exposed to other elements or chemicals? Second, are there special appearance considerations? -         Is a specific finish required? -         Does a color need to be matched? -         Is embossing a consideration? Third, what, if any, regulatory requirements apply? -         Will [...]

12 11, 2016

The Heavy Truth about Injection Molds


Seven hundred pounds of hardened stainless steel. That’s the average weight of a compression molding part. Some can weigh over a ton, some just a few hundred pounds, but any way you slice it, you certainly wouldn’t want one to fall on your foot. So how do you get this massive piece of metal to produce intricate plastic parts? It’s all in the tooling. Using CNC EDM machines to create the base of the compression molding part, it is the work of the tool maker to refine the steel to exact specifications. Precision work on the cavities is only part of the equation. The tool must also include gating to allow for proper melt flow and vents to allow gas and air to escape. Without the proper placement of these key features, parts will be subject to imperfections. If you are working with a turnkey plastic [...]

5 11, 2016

Reflections on factory management from a mold manager


I have been working for plastic molding making many years. Today I want to share you my factory management, which may be useful for u. This article show the analysis of three major aspects, which are quality, delivery, and cost during mold manufacturing process. Quality control about plastic molding making I mainly emphasize the role of supervisors, take design supervisor as an example. Whichever mold you design, the supervisor must do as the followings: Checking DFM and customer review reply. Leading the new model review meeting, processing, assembly, injection molding participation. Design a plan, the competent audit consent. Delivery control about plastic molding making This process mainly focus on two points. Mold scheduling fitter dominant, with the reminder of supervisor Supervisor dominant, with all departments subject to the operation Cost control about plastic molding making I will share three aspects with you about this process. Concept of quality perception Error and [...]

1 11, 2016

What can we supply with your design?


We can provide precision mold making. Your Mold Once your design is finalized it is sent to our precision CNC department where our 3, 4, & 5 - axis machines begin the milling process of your tool. Using high quality aluminum blocks and our advanced precision mold making process enables us to quickly and efficiently create your custom tooling. The mold is complete only when detailed inspections confirm that your tooling captures every last detail of your custom plastic parts. Our precision mold making System is so advanced, we won't ask you to change your design. You can freely incorporate features into your part design that most mold makers simply cannot do. We can reduce a typical 6-12 week build time to just a few days. We can deliver production ready parts faster and at less cost than anyone. Also, we are the only mold maker [...]

29 10, 2016

What do you think of silicone rubber?


Saying of custom silicone rubber, what do you think of? Woman's fake chest? You are a …guy! Surely not! I want to talk with you another things. Some kinds of gadgets people put it down. Your girlfriend, a funny girl with zero life skill. She even cannot stack clothes and tie shoes. You maybe say that you can do all for her. While you cannot at her side 24 hours. Thus, you need a custom silicone rubber for her.   Your baby, a honey in your hand. You always give him all things that you have. So soft baby bottles, weaned baby must feel colse. Portable small kettle that like a leaf is so warm. So you need custom silicone rubber.   There are only a child in family. Many parents always feed a pet that accompany with their child. Usually a dog or cat. [...]

24 10, 2016

Digital prototype about mold


Digital prototyping gives plastic molding making designers and engineers the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it is built;so they can design, visualize and simulate products from the conceptual design phase through the manufacturing process. By using a digital prototype, users access real-world performance of a design with less reliance on costly physical prototypes. While simulation has been a part of plastic mold making processes for quite some time, it has historically been used to drive troubleshooting and validation efforts, rather than design. The problem with limiting simulation to these areas is that it focuses on problem fixing and problem-avoidance, rather than on trying to create truly optimized designs. Simulation software should predict and optimize how components will perform throughout each phase of the design and manufacture process. Digital prototyping aims to bring simulation into the process much earlier, so designs can [...]

24 10, 2016

3 questions about molds


What quantities are needed?All injection molds are not made alike. If you are interested in smaller quantities or a shorter production run, an aluminum mold might be the best option. If your project requires large quantities over a longer time span, then a hardened stainless steel mold would be the best choice. The upfront cost of the latter option is much greater; however it pays for itself over the life of the tool.What is the size and complexity of the part?While many plastic parts are made through injection molding, there are other molding processes that can be used to produce a part. You can read about them in a related article. Briefly, smaller parts that are more complex are ideally suited to the injection molding process. Larger parts may be produced with injection molding or compression molding. Very large parts lend themselves to rotational molding [...]

24 10, 2016

Classic mold structure


Do you know classical mold design? There are two commonly used methods about handling the product upside down when design injection mold. The below picture can show. How do we do this? If the slider is interference by bone bit, the mold will be broken. Thus, we just think of a slide inside the slider, the slider below to share with you how to do the slider. 3 steps to finish it. about classical mold design 1.First slide insert design, the bone inside the first bit without treatment, as shown.</li> 2. Design a small slider, use the dovetail slot to drive a small slider, the pink box for the positioning block, the yellow drive block to the arrow direction of pumping, due to the role of the dovetail slot, slide down slide. 3. The use of inclined pillar-driven slider, the slider [...]