Spark Mould – a plastic injection molding manufacturer

//Spark Mould – a plastic injection molding manufacturer

Spark Mould – a plastic injection molding manufacturer


Spark Mould Plastic Molding Enterprise is a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer in China, which provides high quality products and services. With manufacturing plants in DongGuan, we provide molded plastic products to companies coast to coast throughout the nation. What’s more, we provide these products through a comprehensive end-to-end quality assurance system that’s unique to the industry. That means when you come to us for custom plastic molded parts, you can expect the kind of quality that means efficient, affordable, turnkey plastic injection products time and time again.

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

Let Spark Mould Plastic Molding Enterprise meet your most challenging molded plastic project specifications. From brand new jobs to in-progress projects, we offer plastic injection molding that gets the job done. Whatever your specific job demands, you can count on us for thermoplastic injection molded plastic and precision insert molded products, whether your industry is food and beverage, medical, dental, automotive, packaging and display, or another field that relies on plastic in its manufacturing, packaging or distribution.

Spark Mould takes the basic molding process used by other manufacturers one step further. We take the opportunity to intelligently test and re-test the quality of your plastic molding products at each vital step along the way, from design to assembly, and one last time before we ship the product to you. This emphasis on quality assures you the best possible product.