Purpose of Making Prototype

//Purpose of Making Prototype

Purpose of Making Prototype

Prototype Making, Plastic Mold Making

Prototype Making, Plastic Mold Making

During the period of product design, the most thing we want to do after design drawings finished is to see product we designed what it will be when make into physical thing, and check whether its appearance match with our design, and weather its structure reasonable or not, etc..

We are special for plastic mold making, prototype making and other mold making.

So prototype being made for that purpose.  Popularly Speaking, prototype making is, one or several samples being made as per appearance or structure drawings on the condition that without opening mold, which use for appearance reference or structure reasonableness checking functional sample.


  • To inspect appearance design. Prototype not only visible but also touchable, it can reflect designer idea physically, direct -view, and avoid shortage of “ good look for drawing but ugly for object”. So prototype making is necessaries during new product research and development, product appearance inspection.
  • To reduce production lead time. Due to advanced of prototype making, we can use handmade sample for presentation, advertising, even for pre-sales, pre-production and dominate the market.
  • To test structure design. Prototype making is assembling, so it can reflect structure reasonable and assembly complexity. So that we can find and solve production issues earlier.
  • To prevent risks of direct open mold. Normally, mold cost is expensive, and some large-scale molds cost hundred thousand dollars even million dollars. And if product structure is not logical or other issues occur during molding, then lost will be huge. While prototype making can avoid this problem and reduce molding risk.

Spark is specal for plastic mold making and also good at prototype making. If you want learn more, you can view www.spark-mould.com.