Manufacturing silicone products in China

//Manufacturing silicone products in China

We are custom custom silicone rubber mould manufacturer, we provide products as followings:

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What is compression manufacturing silicone products advantage?

  • No need to worry about sink mark issue,
  • Thick wall is possible,
  • Large undercut is possible,
  • No welding line,
  • Reasonable mold cost, 1/5 of injection mold cost,
  • Reasonable cost to have small amount production,
  • Shorten mold making lead time, 7-15 days,
  • SPARK-MOULD replys your manufacturing silicone products RFQ in 12 hours.

Our quality control methods are so effective that Spark Mould Plastic offers “mold takeover.” This is a service where we evaluate, improve and complete any existing molding job you may have that isn’t meeting your requirements. We’ll put a new set of eyes on the problem and find ways to improve the design.

At custom silicone rubber mould Enterprise, we listen to you, our customer. We don’t try to pigeonhole your problem into a pre-set plastic molding solution. We take the time to learn about your business, your challenges and your plastic needs. Only then do we propose a solution.

We train our staff of technical and production specialists to accept nothing less than absolute quality as they guide your project through design, development, manufacturing and shipping. We not only meet your requirements, but we actively look for ways to improve on your product and thus save you money and time.

We’re proud of our reputation for top-quality plastic products and services with molding buyers across the world.

If you need custom silicone rubber mould and other relative products, welcome to consult us and we will reply you at any time. You tell us what you want, we will make the right products for you. We will offer a different approach to plastic solutions. What are you waiting for? Welcome to result or come to our factory for a deeply communication.