Manufacturing mold by yourself or outsouring

//Manufacturing mold by yourself or outsouring

If you want to manufacture silicone keyboard mold, many factors need examination. These include bottom-line costs, investments in molds, raw materials to run the parts, utilities, labor and overhead packaging. These factors are the foundation of the evaluation. Regardless of how your company allocates costs, at the end of the day, they are still true costs, and someone is paying for them.

If you are an OEM thinking of outsouring your silicone keyboard mold manufacturing, the benefits are numerous. Here are just a few compelling reasons why you should consider using a control manufacturing (CM)

6 reasons that just make sense

1.Cost savings

CMs reduce your overhead and labor costs. Focus your resources on what your company does well

2.Improve quality

Look for ISO certified CMs. Certification signals continuous quality improvement


CMs offer greater scheduling capacity. They can meet the needs of your market.

4.Time to market

CMs can expedite new products. With more capacity, lead times are reduced.

5.Inventory control

As-needed production  Get your parts supplied based on demand.

6.Economies of scale

CMs have established supplier relationship. Take advantage of their vendor resources.

Once you have gathered all of the financial data, it’s time to move on and compare the critical factors that can have a dramatic effect on the quality and cost of your injection molded components.  We highlight these key factors in this phonographic.


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