Drawing mold design picturer you should know

//Drawing mold design picturer you should know

Many people ask me that they need consider when draw the design pictures of die casting mold making. Drawing the assembly diagram as far as possible the proportion of 1: 1, the first start drawing from the cavity, the main view and other views at the same time draw.

  1. Die casting mold drawings should include the following:

1) Mold part of the structure

2) Pouring system, exhaust system structure.

3) Sub-surface and sub-module pickup way.

4) The shape of the structure and all connections, positioning, guide the location.

5) Note the cavity height size (not required, as required) and the overall size of the mold.

6) Auxiliary tools (unloading tool unloading tools, calibration tools, etc.).

7) All the parts are numbered in sequence, and the schedule is filled in.

8) Mark the technical requirements and instructions.

  1. Mold assembly diagram of the technical requirements Content:

1) For certain performance requirements of the mold system. Such as the ejection system, slider core structure of the assembly requirements.

2) The mold assembly process requirements. For example, the fitting clearance of the fitting surface of the parting surface after the assembly of the mold should be no more than 0.05mm on the mold, the following parallelism is required, and the size determined by the assembly and the requirement of the dimension.

3) Mold use, loading and unloading methods.

4) Anti-oxidation treatment, mold number, lettering, marking, oil seals, storage and other requirements.

5) The test mode and inspection requirements.