Design of Classical Mold Structure

//Design of Classical Mold Structure

Do you know classical mold design?

There are two commonly used methods about handling the product upside down when design injection mold. The below picture can show. How do we do this? If the slider is interference by bone bit, the mold will be broken. Thus, we just think of a slide inside the slider, the slider below to share with you how to do the slider. 3 steps to finish it.


about classical mold design

  1. First slide insert design, the bone inside the first bit without treatment, as shown.

10-25s    2. Design a small slider, use the dovetail slot to drive a small slider, the pink box for the positioning block, the yellow drive block to the arrow direction of pumping, due to the role of the dovetail slot, slide down slide.

10-25d 10-25f 10-25x      3. The use of inclined pillar-driven slider, the slider to be done delay core pulling, the first drive yellow drive block, drive small slider core, Upside down.


about classical mold design