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5 11, 2016

Reflections on factory management from a mold manager

I have been working for plastic molding making many years. Today I want to share you my factory management, which may be useful for u. This article show the analysis of three major aspects, which are quality, delivery, and cost during mold manufacturing process. Quality control about plastic molding making I mainly emphasize the role of supervisors, take design supervisor as an example. Whichever mold you design, the supervisor must do as the followings: Checking DFM and customer review reply. Leading the new model review meeting, processing, assembly, injection molding participation. Design a plan, the competent audit consent. Delivery control about plastic molding making This process mainly focus on two points. Mold scheduling fitter dominant, with the reminder of supervisor Supervisor dominant, with all departments subject to the operation Cost control about plastic molding making I will share three aspects with you about this process. Concept of quality perception Error and [...]

1 11, 2016

What can we supply with your design?

We can provide precision mold making. Your Mold Once your design is finalized it is sent to our precision CNC department where our 3, 4, & 5 - axis machines begin the milling process of your tool. Using high quality aluminum blocks and our advanced precision mold making process enables us to quickly and efficiently create your custom tooling. The mold is complete only when detailed inspections confirm that your tooling captures every last detail of your custom plastic parts. Our precision mold making System is so advanced, we won't ask you to change your design. You can freely incorporate features into your part design that most mold makers simply cannot do. We can reduce a typical 6-12 week build time to just a few days. We can deliver production ready parts faster and at less cost than anyone. Also, we are the only mold maker [...]

29 10, 2016

What do you think of silicone rubber?

Saying of custom silicone rubber, what do you think of? Woman's fake chest? You are a …guy! Surely not! I want to talk with you another things. Some kinds of gadgets people put it down. Your girlfriend, a funny girl with zero life skill. She even cannot stack clothes and tie shoes. You maybe say that you can do all for her. While you cannot at her side 24 hours. Thus, you need a custom silicone rubber for her.   Your baby, a honey in your hand. You always give him all things that you have. So soft baby bottles, weaned baby must feel colse. Portable small kettle that like a leaf is so warm. So you need custom silicone rubber.   There are only a child in family. Many parents always feed a pet that accompany with their child. Usually a dog or cat. [...]

25 10, 2016

Design of Classical Mold Structure

Do you know classical mold design? There are two commonly used methods about handling the product upside down when design injection mold. The below picture can show. How do we do this? If the slider is interference by bone bit, the mold will be broken. Thus, we just think of a slide inside the slider, the slider below to share with you how to do the slider. 3 steps to finish it. about classical mold design First slide insert design, the bone inside the first bit without treatment, as shown.     2. Design a small slider, use the dovetail slot to drive a small slider, the pink box for the positioning block, the yellow drive block to the arrow direction of pumping, due to the role of the dovetail slot, slide down slide.       3. The use of inclined pillar-driven slider, the [...]

21 10, 2016

Focus on Plastic Injection Molding

When working with any manufacturing process, such as zinc auto parts molding. A number of defects unique to that process commonly occur. This is true across many processes and industries, including injection molding and high volume injection molding. As we have previously discussed on this blog, there are several zinc auto parts molding defects; however, an injection molder who is vigilant about quality, like our team at The Spark, will be able to manage these injection molding defects, minimizing or eliminating them all together. I want to tell you our advantages with you. Zinc Auto Parts Molding Advantages: Mold design is subject to customer's requirements Injection molding machine utilizing certain specification of plastic and many others Our products include a variety of vacuum cleaners and plastic components These products are widely available to world-class large companies We have won a high reputation among [...]

17 10, 2016

Why do you need us?

Our precision molds are designed and built using the latest state-of-the-art software and machine tool technology. Our fully equipped mold manufacturing division, Built-Rite Tool & Die, has CNC machining centers, EDM, Wire EDM, CNCN lathes and grinding equipment. Our molds are capable of accommodating both low and high-volume production requirements. Precision Mold The quality of our precision molds exceed those of your typical mold manufacturer, and parts can be molded and shipped right from the mold, skipping secondary operations that are typical of other tooling sources.   Our team of experts are here to work with you, the customer, through the whole process. You have input in: How your mold is designed How you want to control waste How to automate or not automate the molding process As partners with our customers, we work with you collaboratively to ensure that you get exactly [...]

14 10, 2016

About mechanical injecion mold slide design standards

Spark is an injection mold slide manufacturer in China. Today I want to tell you some design standards of them. Mechanical Injection Mold Slide 1)      All shut-off surfaces must have a minimum of three degrees draft in direction of slide travel. Any shut-off angle less than three degrees must have written customer approval. 2)     Two angle pins will be required on any slide design that exceeds seven inches in length. Consider a center Slide Guide for all long slides. 3)     There must be a minimum of three degrees difference between the angle pin and back wedge. 4)     The back wedge surface of the slide must have a lamina bronze (preferred) or 0-1 steel wear plate to allow for adjustment and for maintenance of wear surfaces. 5)     The back wedge must be designed to resist injection pressure by backing up the entire molding surface. [...]

11 10, 2016

Tell you some about zinc die casting molding

Zinc - The easiest alloy to cast, it offers high ductility, high impact strength and is easily plated. Zinc is economical to cast and has a low melting point and promotes long die life. Zinc die casting molding is popular among molds. A zinc alloy die casting molding made from SPARK #3 or #5, or a zinc-aluminum alloy casting made from ZA-8 is made in the same general manner as an aluminum die casting. Molten metal is injected into a casting die under high pressure and at a controlled temperature. The metal is rapidly cooled until the solidified part is sufficiently rigid to permit ejection from the mold. The mold has two sections, the "cover" half and the "ejector" half. The die may also have additional move able segments called slides or pulls, which are used to create features such as undercuts or holes, which [...]

8 10, 2016

About high pressure die casting…

SPARK, a company which special on die casting molding, will share you with some tech about high pressure die casting. Die Casting Molding High Pressure Die Casting - In this process, the liquid metal is injected at high speed and high pressure into a metal mould. A schematic view of high pressure die casting is given in below Figure. This equipment consists of two vertical platens on which bolsters are located which hold the die halves. One platen is fixed and the other can move so that the die can be opened and closed. A measured amount of metal is poured into the shot sleeve and then introduced into the mould cavity using a hydraulically-driven piston. Once the metal has solidified, the die is opened and the casting removed. In this process, special precautions must be taken to avoid too many gas inclusions [...]

30 09, 2016

Purpose of Making Prototype

Prototype Making, Plastic Mold Making During the period of product design, the most thing we want to do after design drawings finished is to see product we designed what it will be when make into physical thing, and check whether its appearance match with our design, and weather its structure reasonable or not, etc.. We are special for plastic mold making, prototype making and other mold making. So prototype being made for that purpose.  Popularly Speaking, prototype making is, one or several samples being made as per appearance or structure drawings on the condition that without opening mold, which use for appearance reference or structure reasonableness checking functional sample.   To inspect appearance design. Prototype not only visible but also touchable, it can reflect designer idea physically, direct -view, and avoid shortage of “ good look for drawing but ugly for object”. So [...]