Automotive Injection Molding by Spark

//Automotive Injection Molding by Spark

What Kinds of Components Can Be Made from Automotive Injection Molding?

Plastics are hugely popular in the automotive industry because they are lightweight, easily made and highly durable. With the introduction of plastics into the automotive industry decades ago, mass production was made simpler and much more cost efficient.

The list of components made from automotive injection molding goes on and on. Essentially, if it’s plastic, it can be made by plastic injection molding. Here are a few examples of plastic parts and components made this way:

– General instrumentation, including the molding that holds it all in place

– Housings for electronic module controls

– Radio controls

– Plastic interior surfaces

– Faceplates and lenses

– Splash guards and other exterior automotive features

What are SPARK’s Capabilities for Injection Molding for Automotive?

Everything from under-the-hood components to the features you see throughout the interior of a vehicle, we are able to get it done. When it comes to injection molding for automotive, we have capabilities that set us aside in this industry.

Our promise of quality is backed up by multi-size presses with capacity as high as 850 tons. Our tool room maintenance and repair facilities are fully equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, giving us the capability to tackle even the most specific and demanding jobs. And during our years in the business, we have fine-tuned operations to be near error-proof, having reduced the rate of internal defective part incidents to well below the industry average — and that means you can trust us to take on your automotive injection molding project.

SPARK is a Reliable Partner for Your Business